Changes to the Electronic Communications Code 2022

Since 2017, landlords and operators have been in numerous legal disputes regarding attempted reductions in rent under the New Code. This has delayed the roll out of 5G networks across the UK.

A consultation took place between 27 January and 24 March 2021. The consultation outlined what the government believed were the key issues that impact the effectiveness of the Code and set out a range of suggestions intended to address these problem areas.

The Government have now responded, and the Law will soon be amended and should come into force around May 2022.

Some of the proposed changes are designed to speed up phone mast renewals, the new agreements will still continue to allow upgrades and sharing, operators will need to consider alternative dispute resolution, before taking landlords to Court and agreements that are protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 may no longer have a higher valuation for the rent.

We will need to wait for the final changes to be made in parliament before we see if the phone mast lease renewals start moving again.

The view of The Phone Mast Advice Company Ltd is the change to the Law in 2017 has failed to help speed up roll out of 5G sites and improve overall coverage. The Law should be repealed and there now needs to be a Public Enquiry in the current state of the UK´s mobile network Infrastructure.

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